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Shape The Signage in
The Iklan Dinamik Way

A Balance of Aesthetics and Functionality

Perfection is when form meets function. With the combination of the art and science, we have been creating most prominent signs all over in Malaysia. We build high quality and memorable signs with our finest craftsmanship. Along the years, we work with hundreds of Startups, Small to Large Enterprises to bring their ideas to life. Moreover, we ensure our signage quality always at top notch and suits your business nature.

Our Approach


The Blueprint

Beginning of whole project > Identify critical area, Site visit, Planning and selection of material usage, Method of production & installation, Planning of future maintenance & services


Laying the Bricks

Determine different production methods for different signages, Order of material, Prepare technical/ installation drawings, Produce different components of sign, Timeline & production planning, Start execution of signages



Safety checks, Ground works upon signage arrival & delivery, Installation of signages


Maintaining Momemtum

Re-touching, Re-painting, Evaluating the overall condition

What We Focus On

Designing & Building

Design and build to withhold extreme condition and long lasting.

Project Management

Well planned from beginning stage to the end for an efficient workflow and cost saving.

Good Quality Material

To produce a premium look and feel signage, all quality materials are carefully selected.


With over 3 decades of experience, our entire products are crafted to perfection.

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