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"If everyone is moving forward together,
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- Henry Ford

Part of our company initiative is to nurture young graduates & design professionals to become entrepreneurs. With our decades of signage making experience and technology, we are open to collaboration by providing our facilities as a platform for you to explore new business opportunities.

We invite you to partner with us.

Architects/Interior Designers

Signages are veins of the buildings. We enjoy to implement the wayfinding system and seeing it helping navigating the crowds.

Visual Designers

We bring your visual communications to life with our technology.

Signage Consultants

Have groundbreaking signage ideas? We are open to project collaboration to bring your ideas to life.


If you come across ideas about redefining signage making? We wish to listen and come share with us.


If you have an interesting projects that require technical help, welcome to talk to us.


We love art. Welcome to use our facilities to enfold your art expression into a beautiful artforms.

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