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Years of History

A New Tone of Expression

For over 3 decades in crafting signages, Iklan Dinamik has been pushing boundaries in the pursuit of​ ​perfection. Since early 1982 to present day, we care most what our client think and we are always​ ​flattered when our vision and craftsmanship are recognized by some of the most respected industry in​ ​the market.

Our contemporary vision, signature level of craftsmanship and engineering in Iklan Dinamik make each​ ​of our product not just an ordinary signage, but a memorable impact onto their businesses.

We are bold, opinionated, and inspired by the finest details. Working together,​ ​our team becomes an extension of yours to create a collaborative final product.

Exceptional Quality

Our team has clear idea of the function and purpose of every machinery and material to create a durable yet reliable product.

Excellent Service

We can help with our decades of experience to offer methods from design executions to installation in a short efficient period.

Value for Money

Quality signages often require a sum of investment. Our expertise will provide simple ways to trim costs and inefficiencies because a dollar saved is a dollar you can reinvest.

Extra Benefits

We at Iklan Dinamik create added values to your company with the ability to see your business through the eyes of your customers.

Widening Our Vision

Sharpening Our Excellence for Clients

Over the years, signages have become a more integral part of a business’ visual impact. It creates brand significance and set your business apart from competition. Hence in many cases, signage have redefined the personality of brands and businesses. With our expertise, we want to be part of the journey to bring your business to the next level.

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